Peeing in Mouth
Pinkeln in den Mund
Pipi dans la bouche
Pipì in bocca
Orinar en la boca
Mijando na boca
The Hun

Peeing in Mouth

If there is one thing we love when we watch porn movies, we love the site of fetishes. There are some pretty bizarre fetishes in those porn movies. One of those being the pissing fetish. There are many men who love the pissing fetish when they watch their porn movies online.
Hey, wait up bitch! Don't you try to be greedy about pee here cause we still got a pool to fill!

Pissing in Mouth Video 1
Video 1
Pissing in Mouth Video 2
Video 2

If pissing is your personal fetish of choice, then you're at the right place, Golden Passions is a site dedicated to all sorts of nasty piss fantasies, from group piss sessions to domination and submission action that involves that warm yellow liquid! Watch girls take a load of piss on their face and enjoy every drop of it, from drinking it to rubbing it all over their bodies, it's a piss party with every scene.

Golden Passions
Watch these shameless cunts pee right for the camera!

Pissing in Mouth Video 3
Video 3
Pissing in Mouth Video 4
Video 4

Along with the hardcore sucking and fucking in each of these hot scene, there is more than just a little pissing to go along with it. The gorgeous women get soaked with cum and piss and often pee all over each other as well. Hot women, hard cocks, wet pussies and streams of warm piss all over them. These are piss-bang scenes just like you wanted to see!

Golden Passions
Don't miss out on those golden trickles flowing down their thighs!

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Adult Chats

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